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Covid Rules: Covid Rules have been post-poned. Any cases due to illness is just that, a player who is sick and can not play. If NFL declares Covid-19 break out a decision will be made regarding rule. 
1) Player is announced positive and placed on NFL Covid list prior to transactions Saturday 8:00 AM. Bid transaction as if player was out on bye for named player identified with Covid and will be placed on Covid list. Transaction will cost just as normal bidding and fee for Covid list (IL) at $2.00.
2) Any player announced having Covid after 8:00 am Saturday and not playing in current week, owner can make transaction up until 9:00 AM Sunday. Any teams going for the same player, the team with the worst record will receive player, if same record ties breaker will be points scored year to date. No cost for pick ups or placing on Covid list.
3) All back up players picked up to cover due to Covid are automatically placed back in player pool.

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