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Draft Dates: The National Conference drafts Tuesday August 29th, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.
The American Conference drafts Wednesday August 30th, 2023, at 7:00 p.m.
Wilson's Draft Central = 3744 Sweetwater Dr, Rocklin Ca. 95677

Entry Fee: A $100.00 ownership fee is due prior to the first draft pick. There is a $10.00 “New Franchise” fee.

Start of League: The 2023 season will start Thursday September 7th, 2023 (Detroit Lions vs Kansas City Chiefs)

Alignment: The league consists of 16 teams divided into two conferences with two 4 team divisions. Conference alignments will be determined prior to draft day and Division alignments will be drawn on each conference’s
draft night.

Schedule: Each conference will play a 1st and 2nd half consisting of 7 weeks in each half. Each team will play all teams in its conference one time in each half, constituting a 14-week season schedule ending Monday December 11th, 2023. This is to be followed by 3 weeks of playoffs ending on December 31st, 2023. Note: FAFL will not be playing the last week of the NFL schedule

Objective: All teams will be trying to earn two wins each week. 
     1) Their head-to-head match -- with the team scoring the highest point total gaining one win.
     2) The four teams in each conference with the highest weekly point totals, whether they’ve won or lost in their               head-to-head match, receive one win.
     3) Losing head-to-head is one loss
     4) Bottom four in conference with lowest weekly points is a loss


Each division winner per half then qualifies for the playoffs. Should a team(s) repeat as Division winner in the second half, the team(s) (not winning a division title) with best overall record in that conference will qualify for playoffs as a wild card. Should a tie occur for the wild card spot, head-to-head play for the year is the first tie breaker followed by total points scored for the year by your starting 8 to determine the qualifier.

NOTE: Losing a head-to-head match and those 4 teams in each conference finishing the week with the lowest points totals must pay $2.00 per loss.
Playoffs: When it has been determined which 8 teams have advanced to the playoffs, the following procedures will be taken to decide the league champion. There are no head-to-head matches. The team that scores the most points during the three-week playoff will be the winner. The remaining order of finish is also determined by the same three-week scoring period.

Drafting Procedures: Each team will consist of 12 NFL players that must
include the following:
2 Quarterbacks
3 Running Backs
4 Receivers (can include tight ends)
1 Tight End
2 Kickers
Each 8-team conference will conduct its draft using the following

Bid Draft: Each team will acquire its players by submitting a written sealed bid. Owners will be limited to $60.00 with which to acquire their 12-player roster. Bids may be made for any available player at any position still open on each team’s roster. The minimum bid for a player is $2.00 and in increments of $.05 thereafter. In case of a tie, a  re-bid will take place. The initial re-bid will be made from the teams remaining draft spending funds. If both teams tie again or they both are at maximum bid, an additional re-bid will take place involving first half spending funds. The re-bid can be less than your original bid, but not less than the minimum bid. In each round, re-bids continue until each team has a player at the position they first bid on. No more than one player per team can be acquired in each round.

Starting Line-Ups: Each week your team will start its entire 12-man roster. Of that starting 12, the top scoring QB, 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s, TE and K will count towards the teams’ total points. (NOTE: A Tight End can be used as one of your 4 receivers) Points earned will be based on the player’s actual statistics from NFL games. The point system below lists the statistics and its corresponding point value.

Point System: Points will be determined by the following standards:
1 Point for each 20 yards passed
1 Point for each 10 yards rushed
1 point for each 10 yards on receptions
5 points for touchdown pass thrown or caught
10 points for each rushing touchdown
1 point for each conversion following a touchdown
3 points for field goal less than 30 yards
4 points for a field goal from 30 – 39 yards
5 points for a field goal from 40 – 49 yards
6 points for field goal from 50 – 59 yards
7 points for a field goal 60 yards or longer
10 points for any kick-off or punt return for a touchdown
5 points for any fumble returned for a score or fumble recovered in the end
zone that was originated from another player.
No points will be given to any player scoring a touchdown resulting from a
blocked punt or field goal.
NOTE: 2-point conversion. If any player on any FAFL roster converts a 2-point conversion by rushing, he will earn 2 points. If the 2-point conversion is receiving a pass or throwing a pass, the receiver and passer will earn 1 point. Statistics and league standings will be posted as timely as possible.
Players Pool: Consists of any offensive players not selected during the original draft or players waived during the regular season. A player in this pool may be claimed by a sealed bid during each of the 14 weeks of the regular season and three weeks of play-offs. Transactions of this kind have a $3.00 minimum fee if no sealed bid is needed. E-mail or text only for players may be made Wednesday until Saturday at 8:00 AM. In a week in which there is a Thursday game, the transaction deadline is Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. for that game only with bids to follow at that time. Only the position needed, and the player’s name will be accepted until the transaction deadline. All owners having made a transaction during the above times must be available on Saturday morning between 8:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. or Wednesday evening between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. (in event of a Thursday night game) to make a bid if needed. 

Bids must start at $3.00 and must be made in increments of $.05. If an owner loses in his bid, he may claim any other player who has not been claimed during that week at the same position the bid originated. (If an owner loses bid on a Tight End, they intended on using at Wide Receiver, they must have declared (e-mail /text) they were going to use said Tight End at Wide Receiver before bid. This would allow said owner to select a WR on 2nd bid.)

NOTE: It is recommended that you send an email stating you will NOT be making a transaction that week. (Saturday's Only)
Spending Fund: Each team will be allowed to spend $150.00 during weeks 1-7 and $250.00 for weeks 8-14 for players available in the player’s pool. There will be no carry-over of funds from week 7 to week 8. Each team must keep at least $3.00 per the number of weeks left in its spending fund. (Example: Bids for week 5… Team has $15.00 in its spending fund.Team can spend no more than $9.00 for players in week 5 since there are two weeks of bids remaining and at least $6.00 must be kept in that teams spending fund) When a player is claimed from the player’s pool, a player at the same position from your existing roster must be put on the inactive list, bye list or back into the player’s pool. If a player is returned to the player’s pool, he cannot be claimed until the following week.
Teams involved in the playoffs may continue to make transactions. The player being claimed must have been in the player’s pool at the close of transactions in week 14. There will be a $125.00 cap on amount a team can spend for players during the playoffs.


Only players involved in a Thursday game can be claimed by Wednesday deadline. Transactions for remaining weekend games will follow the general rules stated above. NOTE: A player kept on your active roster that is scheduled to play on that given Thursday may not be dropped or put on your inactive list during the weekend transaction period following the Thursday night game. Any player who is available that played in a Thursday night game is NOT available for the following Saturday transaction period.

Trading: Trades may be allowed between two or more teams with the approval of the league owners. Trades can involve player for player or player for players at any position. Any trade must be finalized with the league commissioner 24 hours prior to that week’s transaction deadline. Every effort will be made to contact each non-participating owner in the conference involved. The league commissioner must contact all owners in the involved conference as said trade must require 4 of the 6 non-involved owners OK. A $3.00 fee is charge to each participating team regardless the number of players in said trade. Fees charged in any trade will not be subtracted from your spending fund. No trades may be made after the 11th week of the regular season (Trade deadline will be Tuesday November 14th, 2023, heading into week 11)
Failure to Report: Any player not on an active NFL roster as of draft night may be drafted. At the conclusion of the draft, said player may be placed on your inactive list for each week’s play and replaced by a non-drafted player for the minimum transaction (unless in bid). Said player must be returned to your active roster each week he continues his holdout or free agency unless owner decides to keep replacement player.
Inactive List: The purpose of this list is to relieve some of the injury pressures all owners encounter during the season. Up to four players at any position may be placed on this list each week. A $2.00 fee per player will be enforced each week the inactive list is used. This fee will not be subtracted from your spending fund. By the following Tuesday any owner having used the inactive list the prior week may call, e-mail or text the league Commissioner by the 9:45 p.m. deadline to release a player at the positions the player placed on inactive list plays. If no call is made, the player purchased to replace your inactive list player the prior week will be placed back in the player’s pool. Each player released is eligible to be claimed during the upcoming week.

Bye List: At some point during the season, each team will be idle for one week. During these weeks each owner will be allowed to put all Bye players from its current roster on the Bye list at no charge. The owner then must
purchase a player from the player’s pool to return his roster to an active 12. On the following Tuesday any owner having used the Bye list the prior week may call, e-mail or text the league Commissioner by the 9:45 p.m. deadline to release a player at the positions the player on the bye list plays. If no call is made, the player or players purchased to replace your Bye list player(s) will be placed back into the player’s pool. Each player released is
eligible to be claimed during the upcoming weeks.


NOTE: Trades will be allowed involving players purchased or players placed on the Inactive List and/or Bye list up to 2 hours prior to the Tuesday night release time.

BYE Schedule: See Transactions Page

Ties: To determine the winner in the head-to-head matches in case of a tie,
the following procedure will be taken in order:
      * Total points of both teams 12-man roster
      * Highest scoring quarterback’s head-to-head
      * Top scoring tight end head-to-head
      * Highest scoring running back head-to-head
      * Highest scoring wide receiver head-to-head
      * Highest scoring kicker head-to-head
      * Total points of quarterbacks … head-to-head
The above steps will also be in effect if there is a tie for the top four scoring teams at the end of each playing week.
Division Ties:
     1. Head-to-Head
     2. Total points scored during the half in question by your weekly top 8
     3. Total points scored during the half in question by your entire roster
Wild Card Qualifier:
     1. Head-to-head play during both halves
     2. Total points scored during the year by starting 8
Playoff Ties:
     1. Total points scored by 12-man roster during 3-week playoff period
     2. Total points scored during the year by starting 8
     3. Total points scored during the year by entire roster
     4. Best winning percentage during 14-week season

Payouts: Six special awards at $15.00 each will be given at the end of the season for the highest point total during a single week of the 14-week schedule by a Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, and Team in each conference. Six special awards at $15.00 each will be given at the end of the season to the teams with the highest regular season total in the above six categories.

There will be a $50.00 bonus for any FAFL team that wins both halves of their division.

Each week the team with the highest score will receive a $10.00 award. This weekly award is not by individual conference but all 16 teams. If there is a tie, head-to-head tiebreakers will be followed.

Teams eliminated from the pay-off competition will compete among themselves for a winner take all “Best of Rest” prize. The format used will be as follows: There are no head-to-head matches. The two teams scoring the most points during the three-week playoffs will be the winners. There will be a 75% payout of "Best of Rest” pot to first place and 25% for second place. Transactions will be allowed and will follow the same guidelines as during the regular season. There will be two separate transaction pools of playoff teams and “Best of the Rest” teams. These two pools will not compete against each other. The “Best of the Rest” prize begins at $200.00. All transactions made by the “Best of the Rest” teams will be added to the $200.00 prize.

A league operating fund of 10% of the total prize money will be used during the season to cover all league expenses. (I.e., web site…)
The remaining prize money will be paid out as follows:
1st place ………… 42.50%
2nd place ………. 22.50%
3rd place …………12.50%
4th place …………. 8.50%
5th place ……….… 5.00%
6th place ……….… 4.00%
7th place………….  3.00%
8th place …………. 2.00%

Along with the cash prize each winner will receive a trophy with their names inscribed and will be able to claim FAFL Champion, or “Best of the Rest” for one year.
FAFL Champion: Vern Davis Sr. Trophy
Best of Rest: Al Brown Trophy

"The Marauder". $50.00 and a trophy will be giving out to the team that ends up with the best overall 14-week season record. (Yes, you can win two trophies. The FAFL Championship and this one) If two teams ties,
the following will take place to determine winner:

     1. Total points scored during the year by starting 8
     2. Total points scored during the year by entire roster
The trophy will be in remembrance of FAFL Co-Founder Mike West and will be named “The Marauder”.

*Any contesting of the rules, decisions or just want to discuss league concerns please contact the league commissioner. A mediator will be brought in to provide guidance if necessary.


**Over the past few years, fantasy football and rules have had to be changed during the season. Two unprecedented occurrences had leagues scrambling. The pandemic and Damar Hamlin's cardiac arrest. FAFL rules needed to be changed and develop on the fly. If for any reason FAFL is hit with another unforeseen instance, the league commissioner has the right to make decision on a rule. If contesting such decision a mediator(s) will be brought in to provide assistance.


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