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Wednesday Night Transactions
Six Shooters IL Aaron Jones
Young Guns IL David Montgomery
Mack Attack Acquire Sam LaPorta $24.75 (use as TE)
Dawg Pound Acquire David Montgomery $3.00
Plymouth Blitz Acquire Sam LaPorta $3.00 (use as WR)
Young Guns Aquire Christian Watson $3.00


Raheem Mostert scores 49 FAFL points, stat line 142 all purpose yards, 4 TD's.   FAFL Player of Week 

mostert 1.jpg

POD of Dolphins go crazy in scoring 70 points just missing out on a NFL record. 

Beerkan Bullies have 3 players sitting a top their positions on  Pacesetters: Kirk Cousins, Raheem Mostert and TJ Hockenson. Not sure FAFL has ever had that happen?

tua 2.jpg
hockenson 2.jpg

Other Top Performers Week 3

Buschleaguers and Mack Attack: Evan McPherson 23 FAFL points

evan mcpherson.jpg

Beerkan Bullies and Young Guns: Kenneth Walker III 34 FAFL Points

walker III.jpg

Evil Shenanigan's and Buschleaguers: Lamar Jackson 40 FAFL points


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